Welcome to the website of Unit International your partner to explore the world of life style, handicraft and all kinds of hard good products in Vietnam.

Vietnam has one of the largest and lowest-cost pools of artisan talent and skilled workers in Southeast Asia. Besides Vietnam is an exceedingly stable country and was recently voted the safest and most secure country to do business in this region. Also Vietnam enjoys an abundance of natural resources suitable for the design, creation and production of unique home and garden decorative items.

Our company, Unit International, can help you locate, design and/or produce home and garden furnishing items and other decorative accessories, promotional products and garments in Vietnam.

Unit International has capably assisted European, Canadian and USA buyers with their sourcing needs for the past 15 years.

At Unit International, we have a full-time staff of two expatriates, one office manager, one merchandise manager, 6 merchandisers and 8 quality controllers, all of whom have extensive  experience in the quality control, design, product development, logistics of Vietnam’s manufacturing area.

Unit International